Saturday, May 7, 2011

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  • Don't panic
    May 4, 03:04 PM
    ok, guys, what are we going to do?
    forward? back to the start to check the other doors? split?

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  • manic
    Aug 11, 03:42 PM
    If they made it a little taller it should be easy-peasy for Apple to fit the necessary cooling. Hey, if they're making it taller, they could add a 3.5" Hard Drive which is much cheaper than laptop hard drives and we could finally get a 500GB Mini.
    this is pretty well thought out. I can see it happening

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  • gnasher729
    Aug 12, 05:34 AM
    I also think Apple will leave the MB with Yonah. They will want product differentiation and price differentiation.

    So I think they will drop the price to <$1000.00 for MB and re-design MBP to provide enhancements similar to MB but with faster Merom CPU's and higher price than MB.

    To be honest, I bought a MacBook and I am happy with it; it has best price/performance ratio of all the Mac notebooks and I didn't want to spend too much money (just bought it for fun). But if Apple tried to sell a MacBook with Yonah while selling MacBook Pro with Merom, where I know exactly that they could get Merom chips at the same price as Yonahs, just for "product differentiation", I would tell them to stuff it.

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  • macaddict06
    Jul 21, 03:00 PM
    Noo...! My MacBook is out of date before its even arrived :eek:!!!!!!

    Well, no it's not.
    1) it is just as fast now as it will be when you get it (read: speed won't decline)
    2) As a computer owner, you know something better is coming. It's just like buying a car - buy for what you need now, worry about upgrading when the time comes
    3) The MacBook won't see an upgrade for a few months - maybe a speed bump in September, but otherwise, I wouldn't expect Core2Duo in it by maybe December or MWSF '07. Till then, your MB will be perfectly fine.

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  • ten-oak-druid
    Apr 20, 08:30 AM
    Believe it or not about 1/2 of iPhone 4 owners believe they have a 4g phone.

    And half of the android users believe they have an iphone.

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  • rdlink
    Apr 21, 09:12 PM
    And how do you operate it? A server can be accessed from a workstation but a Mac Pro IS a workstation, it's not a server. It's not a logical step. I have a professional photographer in the family, with a Mac Pro. He needs to load his RAWs onto his Mac for post processing. How to do this if that Mac is in another room, in a rack :confused: Very inconvenient if you ask me.

    Not sure you quite get it. The idea here would be that the one machine could be used either as a workstation, or as a server. You could use it in a SOHO situation as a workstation/under the desk server. An enterprise could configure it as a rack mounted server. One assembly line. Two products.

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  • mlrproducts
    Aug 11, 09:33 AM
    NO!!!! I'm broke and have the midrange MB. I just cannot stand them releasing the much faster processor (IE: not just mhz increase) in my computer this soon! Also, with my luck they'd switch to an nvidia chip at the same time...

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  • mscriv
    May 5, 10:19 AM
    Wow, one person in your little band of misfits dies and look at the lot of you, shaking your fists at the sky and screaming to the gods that life's not fair.

    Ok, I'll break from character to explain a little:

    The system is solid and consistent between the villain and the heroes. I think you all are over thinking it. Ravenvii said early on in his explanation that it might be easier to think of the villains turns as points to avoid confusion. Basically during my round I earn 2 points to spend any way I choose. Some actions require one turn/point to accomplish. For example:

    - move to a new room
    - self heal

    Thus, if during my turn I choose to move or heal then in essence I've used one of the 2 points/turns to accomplish this task meaning for the rest of the round I only have 1 point/turn left. Setting traps or sending out my minions cost various points and thus I must save up points for some things. If I choose to save points then I'm essentially forfeiting action in that turn or for the entire round by choosing to carry over the point or points to my next round.

    Heroes actions work the same way they just aren't broken down into points for easier understanding. You could choose to think of it as getting 2 points at the beginning of your rounds as well and in turn it would cost you 1 point to do any of the following:

    - explore a room
    - move to a new room

    Thus, with your entire round you can take two actions or turns, each costing one point. The only difference is heroes can't save up points like the villain can.

    So, you see, the system is consistent on both sides.

    Now don't tell anyone I helped you out. I've got a reputation to uphold as a nasty villain and all. ;)

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  • milo
    Sep 11, 08:15 AM
    It also leaves the MBP. If it is not updated, I will likely be driven into a mad frenzy where I buy some other brand of laptop. Honestly, the things Apple is forcing me to do...

    It won't be updated tomorrow. But it will probably be updated as soon as later this week. Boo freaking hoo already, is it really that big a deal to wait a few days. And here's the big question: IS DELL EVEN SHIPPING MEROM LAPTOPS YET?

    They're obviously going to have a movie store, but I probably would rarely if ever use it. I'm just hoping for new nanos (higher capacity for the same price would be fine with me) and airport video. If they just have those two I'll be freaking extatic. Now if only my home network is reliable enough to handle a video stream...

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  • tokevino
    Aug 7, 03:51 PM

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  • anonalidall
    May 7, 11:22 AM
    I use Mobileme every day and it comes through for me every time. I also use it knowing that when i'm reading my email it's just me reading it not some automatic data mining program watching my every move.

    Think about this. Your life, your privacy and ability to communicate without someone watching was sold down the river for a pittance. It's seems fair to you because your are the one that gets capitalized on in a capitalist society.

    OK, I'll grant you that MobileMe doesn't suck as much as I make it sound. I just don't like it and so I don't use it anymore. Fair enough.

    But, I think you misunderstand how Google's ads work. They aren't indexing and storing your emails in some data bank to sell off to ad companies. They do simple pattern matching on the text in your email to figure out which ads are most relevant and then displays those to you. The ad companies don't have access to your emails and can't read them, etc. I'm not being capitalized. If I don't want the ads I can pay $50 / year, or I can take the ads for free. That's just business, I enter into that in full agreement. And I trust Google just as much (if not more) than some random schmo ISP that would give me shoddy email service and just as much privacy as Google does but without the ads.

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    May 4, 02:53 PM
    I dont think its going to be though the App Store. The only reason its thought he app store now is the minimise abuse.

    Anyway, what happens if you whole hard drive dies?
    What if you want to reinstall everything from scratch?
    There is just too many what ifs

    I think the should use USB flash drives rather then DVDs IF the flash drives are faster then the DVD

    The app store is for apps and not for a whole OS

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  • CellarDoor
    Aug 4, 02:08 PM
    maybe, but we don't have that yet

    sure we do. Developer Tools for example. also there are more 64 bit 3rd party apps out there, that I dont feel like looking up right now.

    however, your right, consumer apps are primarily 32 bit, and os x apps like ical, mail etc, wont go 64 bit until leopard.

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  • acslater017
    Mar 30, 07:02 PM
    Enjoy your brand new 129$ Mac OS X latest revision (the most advanced, the most unique, the most... bla bla bla bla...) carrying more than XXX features (aka... just making the Mac OS X experience more iOS-alike so you get used to AppStore since soon you'll have to go through this method of delivery as there won't be any other one, because Mr. Jobs wants more money...)
    Yep... I think that 129$ sounds quite ok, for nothing :D

    Though I'm not surprise... there's nothing shocking that they can implement. This "update" is aimed at training people into AppStore (aka money)... and they even charge for it :D

    I don't throw the word "troll" around much (it's overused) but stop trolling.

    -Do we know the price?
    -Have you heard any credible information that the Macs will EVER only use the App Store?
    -how is Lion "nothing" - it unifies the window/Space/Dashboard viewing systems, it rethinks the entire process of file saving and revision, it adds tons of useful multitouch gestures, it implements new ways of downloading/sorting/viewing/launching apps, it adds new methods of wireless file sharing and adds security features.

    Tell me, what aspect of personal computing in OS X should be improved, and how would you do it

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  • DJMastaWes
    Aug 11, 12:05 PM
    Do people really think were going to get Merom macbook pros at paris? I was thinkg we would see it on a tuesday before paris.

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  • Reach9
    Apr 26, 02:26 PM
    Competition is good :) Keeps Apple on their toes

    Don't need another MS Monopoly.......

    I'd prefer Apple to work towards beating an opponent than taking it easy.

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  • crees!
    Aug 2, 12:23 PM
    Then, unless it is a pharmaceutical, national security, or some other VII, the company needs to get with the times. So called intellectual property is so last century and quite honestly patents are pretty useless in these fast changing times. Any company requiring security clearance most likely will not allow them. Mine does not. It's based on the sensitivity of the environment.

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  • barkins
    Sep 15, 11:43 PM
    Hm, I just bought the macbook pro with the intel core duo (1) ... will it be able to run the new lepord or will the speed be hampered? :confused:

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  • MacRumors
    Mar 28, 09:32 AM (

    In what would likely be a major surprise to many Apple followers, The Loop's Jim Dalrymple reports ( that Apple is not planning to introduce any new hardware at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, scheduled ( for June 6th through 10th. The conference has been consistently used to introduce new iPhone hardware over the last several years, with the company occasionally introducing other hardware as well.Apple closed the door this morning on any speculation that it would announce new hardware at its Worldwide Developers conference saying it would focus on iOS and Mac OS.

    Apple's apparent focus on software in its WWDC announcement backs up what my own sources are saying about the annual conference. That is, expect a software show in not a hardware event.While a focus on software is not unusual for Apple's WWDC promotional materials given its primary positioning as an event for developers, Dalrymple notes that the 2011 materials do nothing to contradict what he has already been hearing from sources: namely, no new hardware this year.

    It is also important to note that Dalrymple has not specifically claimed that new iPhone hardware won't be introduced in the same general timeframe as WWDC, merely claiming that any introduction won't occur at the event itself.

    One analyst report ( from late last month indicated that a September launch for the fifth-generation iPhone seemed to be the likely scenario. Those rumors were turned into claims of "delays" that were refuted ( by Dalrymple himself and other sources. The difference may have been in semantics, however, as Dalrymple simply noted at the time that Apple had not deviated from its own internal release schedule plans, but whether those plans called for a typical June release or something more in line with the September rumors or even something else entirely was unknown.

    Article Link: No Hardware Announcements at WWDC 2011? (

    May 6, 07:13 AM
    Who thinks that what happens locally is what only matters is still 'living' in medieval times.
    Your so beloved Apple products are produced using mm and fractions of them, and then their specs are "translated" to the proper local units for marketing and local people understanding.
    We all live in the same planet, but we are so different.
    Like nowadays communicating in English is the common international language, some centuries/years ago was Latin, or French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Mongol, Chinese, etc...
    Similarly with the units of measurement, depending on the region they will become popular or the well known standard that most of the people understand and agrees upon using by default.
    Having a clear communication is a key for progress, and even two people think they are speaking in the same language they understand two different things.
    What units are used in the Olympic games?
    Formula 1 ?

    So when you travel it doesn't matter? How many liters of beer are you buying?
    How high that building or mountain is?
    How far places are?
    How much fuel will you need? How much money will you need?
    What the temperature is where you are going?
    If you do poorly with this basic things, how do you handle currency conversions, when you buy things? You are missing a lit of good things that are out there waiting for you, just because you want to stick with your localized thinking.

    Nov 26, 11:41 AM
    I hope this rumor is true. If Apple is going to bring out the Tablet Mac, I would be buying one as long as it is a fully functional computer. I like my Fujitsu Tablet PC; but, it is still Windows-based PC. If Apple is going to market this, I guess their tablet Mac would be a very slick unit. I think non-tablet PC users are quick to dismiss the tablet format without knowing and experiencing it themselves. Fujitsu, Lenovo, Electrovaya, Motion Computer and a few others make a very light weight tablets. I don't like ones from Gateway and Toshiba as their units are way too heavy and chunky (and ugly looking to boot).

    Mar 27, 01:22 PM
    You really don't seem to do shades of grey well. My iPad continues to show my calendar just fine when away from my WiFi. When it's in range of my WiFi however, it just has the ability to auto sync changes. Given that, what exactly are you ranting about here?

    I guess he was focusing more on the rumor of cloud "storage". Storage doesn't mean syncing of calendars. Storage, to the average person, means steaming audio/video/documents/etc to your device.

    Apr 20, 04:51 AM
    This will definitely be the first iteration of the iPhone that I will pass on. It's certainly not much of an upgrade from the iPhone 4.

    LOL! Sorry... not just laughing at you, but these are all pretty vague rumors so far so we have no idea what's really going to be there.

    Besides things like faster processors, upgraded cameras, more RAM, 4G, and/or RFID what the heck else can you pack into a phone that isn't addressed at the software level?

    However... with that said, I did also hear from the neighbor of a friend that has a friend that works for a supplier that makes the buttons on the iPhone that the new iPhone will definitely have buttons. :p

    Apr 6, 07:18 AM
    Well I don't quite agree that Apple, if tasked with designing a car, couldn't add to the industry. You say a car has a computer in it but that does not mean Toyota knows how to make a good looking GUI for an OS. They tried and it looks horrible. But they didn't have to create the OS to try. Same thing for Apple in this hypothetical. I'm not talking about Apple designing brake systems etc. I'm talking about what it would be like if Apple had the chance to take control of the design elements with feedback from engineers in the field of course.

    Apple brought design elements to desktops and delivered us from the tan box tower. That has been the appeal of Apple for a while now. So what would the people at Apple do if tasked with modifying car design? A better job that toyota did with iOS I''m sure.

    Yup, if Apple we're to rise to the challenge I don't see why they couldn't come up with something "different". Toyota work on volume, where as BMW and Audi probably focus more on "design".

    Wonder what Clarkson from Top Gear would make of an Apple iCar :D